Fixed Assets

Airypro Fixed Assets.
Airypro Fixed Assets provides a comprehensive system for tracking your assets and for calculating and posting depreciation at the end of each accounting period.

Benefits and Insights

Why use Airypro Inventory Management System?


  • Automatically posts monthly provisions to the General Ledger
  • Groups assets for reporting purposes
  • Revalues assets based on additional capitalized expenditures
  • Tracks warranty information and maintenance costs on each asset
  • Calculates profit or loss on the sale of any asset
  • On line historical notes for each asset

Fixed Asset Configuration

    • Fixed Asset Items
    • Fixed Asset Categories
    • Fixed Asset Classes

Fixed Asset Operations

    • Fixed Asset Transactions View
    • Fixed Asset Location Transfers
    • Fixed Asset Disposals
    • Depreciation

Fixed Asset Reports

    • Assets Inquiry
    • Fixed Asset Valuation
    • Print, Email and Convert into PDF
    • Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office format

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