Inventory management system

Airypro Inventory Management System.
Manage all your demands, sales, stock, accounting, shipping and customer data from a single place. Simplify inventory & order operations for your growing business- Airypro takes care of your inventory and orders so you can do what you love.

Benefits and Insights

Why use Airypro Inventory Management System?
Inventory control
  • improve tracking and control over inventory activities and stock movements
Multi warehouse
  • manage inventory across multiple locations effortlessly
Multi - channel
  • increase your revenue by handling orders and inventory from more sales channels
Inventory optimization
  • anticipate demand and receive reorder alerts in time so you'll never experience stock outs again
Sales reports
  • access sales and inventory reports based on real-time data
Inventory Configuration
  • Ease your growing pains by automating your business

Inventory Configuration

    • Stock Items
    • Sales Kits
    • Item Categories
    • Units of Measure
    • Reorder Levels

Inventory Operations

    • Stock Status View
    • Stock Transactions View
    • Foreign Item Codes Entry
    • Inventory Location Transfers
    • Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Reports

    • Inventory Analytical Reports (17 reports)
    • Inventory Transfer Inquiry
    • Inventory Adjustment Inquiry
    • Inventory Movement Inquiry
    • Print, Email and Convert into PDF
    • Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office format
    • Make graphical BI analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts)

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