Airypro CBMS

is a Complete Business Management Solution software which provides unlimited benefits to businesses not only in addressing the problems associated with paper-based systems and Excel files, but also provides inherent business solutions to the growth of the entire business. Airypro Company with the motto of “Complexity to Simplicity” developed the CBMS having businesses in mind while putting ease of operation, accountability and quality in the forefront of the software design. Embedded with a robust and friendly reporting system, Airypro CBMS software presents a cocktail of reports ranging from sales and purchases, profit and loss, to other numerous reports needed for healthy business analyses and faster decision making. The system is easily configurable according to the requirements of the users as per their business types. Airypro CBMS also comes fully loaded with Customer Relationship Management that is designed to help organizations find, attract and win new clients back into fold and reduce the cost of marketing and client service. It greatly increases performance, efficiency and revenue. The system’s customizable robust approval levels ensures that processes follow the appropriate chain of supervision, thereby minimizing waste of both time and resources and improve delivery time.