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Airypro Report module provides tremendous versatility, control, and power over sales and order entry policies. Aiming at superior customer service and simpler Order–to-cash cycle, BatchMaster facilitates quick order creation, instant picking, packing and shipment, contract definition, pricing and discounts

Airypro Report Module

Sales Configuration
Sales types, Sales prices, Sales areas, Sales groups, Sales templates, Recurrent invoices. etc.
Sales Transactions
Sales transaction view, Sales quotations, Sales Order, Sales invoice, customer payment entry. etc.
Sales report
Sales analytical reports, Sales document bulk report, Sales price listing, Sales table listing, Customer status report etc.

Reports Module

Financial Accounting

  • Ledger Report
  • Bill-wise Ledger Report
  • Cash Book
  • Petty Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Day Book
  • Voucher Register
  • Monthly Ledger Summary
  • Balance Sheet
  • Segment Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Group Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Overdue Receivables
  • Overdue Payables
  • Cash-Flow monitoring
  • Expected receipts
  • Expected payments


  • Indent Reports
  • Material-wise Indents
  • Indent status report
  • User-wise Indents
  • Other advanced reports
  • Quotation Reports
  • Buyer Group wise quotation
  • Supplier wise Quotations
  • Inquiries awaiting response
  • Purchase Order Reports
  • POs awaiting approval
  • POs awaiting acknowledgement
  • Closed POs
  • Short Closed POs
  • POs with invoices processed
  • Buyer Group wise PO Reports
  • Company wise PO Reports
  • PO Amendments Report
  • Material wise POs
  • Supplier wise POs
  • Purchase Invoice Register
  • Supplier wise Invoice Register
  • Item wise Invoice Register
  • Pending POs
  • Pending POs against Bill Receipt


  • Location wise Stock Reports
  • Location wise Stock Summary
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Journal
  • Physical Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Opening Stock Summary
  • Stock Valuation Report
  • Issue Register
  • Materials Below Minimum Stock Levels
  • Slow/Fast Moving Item Report
  • Stock Receipts/Issues Reports
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Supplier wise Goods Receipt Register
  • Item wise Goods Receipt Register
  • Transfer Register
  • Finish Goods Receipt Register
  • Returns Reports
  • Vendor Returns
  • Customer Returns
  • Rejection Register


  • Production Order Tracking
  • Milestone Reporting for each Production order
  • Production Order wise Cost Analysis
  • Production Order on track
  • Production Orders running behind schedule
  • Production Planning Report
  • WIP Stock Status
  • Finish Goods Receipt Against Production Order
  • BOM Costing Report
  • Capacity Utilization and other Production Planning Related Report

Sales & Distribution

  • Sales Inquiry Report
  • Sales Quotation Report
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Invoice Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Customer wise Sales Report
  • Item wise Sales Report
  • Product Attribute wise Sales Report (i.e. Brand, Style, Colour etc.)
  • Shipment Report
  • Order Status Report
  • State wise Sales Report
  • Status of on-going Orders
  • Cost Analysis – Order wise impact of changes in costs
  • Quotation Tracker: To keep track of quotations given on different dates
  • Sales Delivery Report
  • Customer wise Sales Delivery Report
  • Goods Issue to Customer Against SO
  • Job Work Order Tracking
  • Project Category Report
  • Project Stage Report
  • Item wise Sales Delivery Report
  • Zone wise Sales Report
  • Packing Slip Report
  • Order Book
  • Pending Sales Quotation
  • Pending Orders Book
  • Over Due Sales Order
  • Pending Sales Invoice
  • Customer’s PO wise Sales Register
  • Salesman wise Sales Report
  • Agent wise Sales Report
  • City wise Sales Report
  • Sales Return Register


  • Export documents
  • RG23 (A) Part I & Part II
  • RG23 (C) Part I & Part II
  • PLA Report
  • RG1 Register
  • ER1 Form
  • CT3 Register
  • Duty Receivable and Payable
  • Daily Production Reports
  • CenVAT Rule 7 Reports
  • RT5 Form
  • Input & Capital Goods Abstract
  • VAT Calculation
  • Form No. 201A
  • Form No. 201B
  • Form No. 201C
  • Annual VAT Return Form / Form 205
  • Pending Form Reports (C-Forms etc.)
  • CST Form no. 3
  • Form 16A
  • Service Tax Computation
  • Service Tax Challan Printing
  • Half Yearly Service Tax Return/ ST3 Return
  • Input Service Details

Quality Control

  • Production Inspection Report
  • Pending Inspection Report
  • Rejection Report
  • Q.A. Report

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